I have always been intrigued on how things work. I’m still fascinated with this concept. Therefore, I have decided to learn more about finances, which is a key element on how societies interact. Building and Preserving a Legacy is one of my main motivators. Sharing my knowledge, what I learn, is one way of preserving my legacy.

Hi, I want to bring value to your life through this learning process. According to the Myers & Briggs test these are my top talents: Learner, Focus, Analytical, Discipline and Achiever. The following concepts are constantly in my mind:

  1. Learning: I don’t even know how to put this into words. I just love to learn. I’m very intentional with what Charlie Munger once said: “Go to Bed Smarter than When you Woke Up”.
  2. Creativity: Smart people create things. Creativity can be learned.
  3. How Things Work: I’m intrigued with humankind.
  4. Strategy: There is nothing better to see the results of a well-developed plan.
  5. Build and Preserve Wealth: It’s not about the money, is about freedom and choices.
  6. Empower: I feel fulfilled when I help people change the course of their lives.

Why beingdetermined?

Discipline and Focus are two behaviors that you need to develop/learn in life, but before deploying those behaviors you need to make a conscious decision and be determined that you are going to make a change. Discipline and Focus are key to success.

[themify_box icon=”comment” color=”gray”]DETERMINED (Merriam-Webster.com, Merriam-Webster, www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/determined)

  1. having reached a decision : firmly resolved · was determined to become a pilot · is determined not to let it happen again
  2. showing determination a determined effort : characterized by determination[/themify_box]


  • Lifelong Learning
  • Improving my Quality of Life
  • Master my Personal Finances
  • Live Debt-Free from Consumer Debt
  • Reach Financial Abundance
  • Create Multiple Income Streams
  • Create Generational Wealth
  • Travel
  • Give Back

Money is part of our everyday lives and has a direct correlation in everything we do on a daily basis. Come along with me as I work towards financial abundance. I’ll be posting updates on the things that I’m determine to accomplish. These are the ways that I’m using to achieve my long-term goals:

  1. Investor: The best route to learn how the world works.
  2. Business: Opportunity, Strategy, Wealth, Empowerment
  3. Technology: Innovation, Futurist
  4. Charity: We need a sense of service and focus on giving back.