Secrets of Closing the Sale

It’s always refreshing to listen to Zig Ziglar. Every time that I listen to Zig I learn something new. He has transcended every career and the most important of all, time.

This book was fun, I really enjoyed it. Zig’s humor and message of hope and encouragement made this book one of a kind. I recommend the audio version.

Zig’s Main Ideas:

  1. Have the heart of a servant. Sales is about serving the prospect, not about serving yourself.
  2. You need to establish trust and respect with your prospect if you want to close the sale. People do business with people that they like and trust.
  3. People forget price but they’ll never forget poor quality or a poor choice. Make sure you are selling the right product/service to the prospect. If your product/service doesn’t meet their needs, make sure you tell them.
  4. Follow-through until the prospect is satisfied.
  5. Be honest.
  6. Have integrity in your personal life and sales career.
  7. Know how your prospect feels and think. Be empathetic.
  8. Obtain profound knowledge of your product/service. Speak from the heart and believe that your product/service is the best. If the product has drawbacks, well, then explained it to the customer.
  9. Look for what the prospect needs. Don’t try to sell less or more.
  10. Tell a story or paint a picture. People love stories, and they will buy if in your story they see themselves as satisfied customers.
  11. Make an honest effort to close the sale, even if you see that the customer is not going to buy, but also know when to stop.
  12. Learn how to ask questions.
  13. Use the proper tone of voice.
  14. Have the right attitude. Smile.
  15. It’s not about making a sale. It has to be about building a sales career.

How important is the HEART in the sales career:

  • H: in the heart of your sales career is honesty.
  • E: is ego and empathy.
  • A: is your attitude toward you, your prospects and profession.
  • R: is for physical, mental, and spiritual reserve.
  • T: is for tough — and the toughest thing is love

I have learned that a lot of things are a sale. When you are trying to convince your boss about an idea, that is a sale. When you are in a interview and you are trying to sell yourself, that is a sale. When you are doing a presentation and your are trying to convince the people about your findings or hypothesis, that is a sale. I can go on and on and on, but you get the point. Learn the process and the steps on how to make a sale. It’s a skill that you would not regret.